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We have a firm commitment to quality, reliability and precision. 50 years of experience back’s us up Sanjo Group We encourage innovation

The company/About us

SANJO is a multinational company specialized in precision technology and, in particular, in fineblanking parts. We are backed by 50 years of history and international recognition of both our experience and passion for our work as well as the reliability quality and innovative capability of our processes.

We have facilities equipped with the most advanced technology that remains true to our original values: care in the design of the product; careful selection of materials; precision in the manufacturing processes; adaptation to the needs of our customers, with whom we maintain a permanent B2B relationship; and empathy in teamwork, which is one of our main competitive advantages.

These values, together with our commitment to offering a comprehensive service to our customers, have enabled us to increase our product portfolio and maintain sustained growth in the global market. The consolidation of our business has led to a process of expansion that enables SANJO to operate in more than 30 countries and export 80% of its production.

At SANJO, we continue to drive innovation. As a result, we strive to be a benchmark company in Industry 4.0, increasing our competitiveness by exercising management oversight.

  • We have 5 production plants worldwide.
  • We have 4 international sales offices.
  • We have fineblanking presses ranging from 160 to 1,100 tons that can manufacture parts up to 16 mm.
  • 90 million pieces are produced.
  • We export 80% of our production to 34 countries on 4 continents.


Continue to improve our competitiveness and increase our product portfolio to consolidate our international presence and enter new markets as a benchmark in fineblanking and precision technologies.



Founded in 1967 by Santiago Cruz Aguilera, SANJO has grown from a small workshop to a well-established company based in Barcelona and experiencing growth.

Founded as a specialist in the construction of progressive dies and conventional stamping, SANJO has always been able to incorporate the technology needed to offer its customers a comprehensive service. In 1984, after having started assembly process operations, it acquired its first fineblanking press, committing definitively to this technology and breaking into the European market. Later on, heat treatments would be added with the creation of RUBISAN and the machining section would come into being.

Its rapid growth, based on precision, quality and innovation, led it to move to its current plant in 2002, and more recently to open commercial offices in Stuttgart (Germany) and Shanghai (China), as well as a new factory in Virginia Beach (USA).

With a strong family character, SANJO has been able to combine the tradition and know-how of a small workshop with the vision and development of a large company. Today, it is a company that specialises in the stamping of precision parts, with customers in 34 countries. Its track record has earned recognition in the business world at a national and international level.


At SANJO, we have always had a strong commitment to quality. For us, it is important to work with respect for health and safety and the environment by ensuring that all of our shareholders (customers, employees, distributors, suppliers, etc.) express satisfaction with our services.

SANJO TOOLING, S.L. has carried out a project to optimize energy consumption in the industrial process. The project has been financed through the Energy Savings and Efficiency Aid program for Small and Large Industrial Enterprises, managed by the Catalan Institute of Energy (ICAEN) under the National Energy Efficiency Fund, and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) within the Multiregional Operational Program of Spain (POPE) 2014-2020.

The investment amounts to €347,000.00, the grant amount is €68,341.62, and it results in an energy savings of 17.79 toe per year.


SANJO has five production plants – four in Spain and one on the east coast of the USA – and four sales offices – two in Europe (Barcelona and Stuttgart), one in the NAFTA area (Virginia Beach) and one in Asia (Shanghai).

The four plants located in Barcelona occupy an area of more than 14,000 m² with presses up to 1,100 tons, which manufacture parts up to 16 mm, in addition to modern facilities for heat treatment. More than 250 people working worldwide are involved in our projects, striving every day to continue improving the performance of our products while strengthening our commitment to the customer.

The Virginia Beach plant occupies a surface area of 2,500 m² with an annual production of 8 million pieces.

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